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Friday, September 27, 2013

"Mrs. Pargeter's Pound Of Flesh" (#60)

"Mrs. Pargeter's Pound Of Flesh"
Simon Brett
Another in the "Mrs. Pargeter Series"...  This time she accompanies her friend to a slimming spa.  The friend is bent on losing weight, but Mrs. P. is not.  So due to her "allergies," she dined on delicious food, by herself.....  While everyone else is chomping lettuce and cottage cheese.  -chuckle-

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Monday, September 23, 2013

"The Body On The Beach" (#59)

"The Body On The Beach"
Simon Brett

First book in the "Fethering Mystery" Series

"In the seaside hamlet of Fethering, Carole Seddon maintains a quiet life and doesn't have the tolerance to deal with her bohemian neighbor, Jude. Carole discovers a dead body on the beach with two wounds to the neck, but police dismiss her story when they can't find the body. When a stranger warns Carole to keep quiet, she confides in Jude."

A Cozy Mystery Series, set in a small English town...  Sounds delightful.  And the Series does get better, since I've already read the second book...  But in this the first, the heroine is quite up-tight and not so loveable....  

But, at least, she isn't into knitting, baking, selling old books, scrap-booking, making her own soaps, etc.  -gigggles-  Seems there are so, so, so many Cozys, which are way-too-themed.  

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Death On The Downs" (#58)

"Death On The Downs"
Simon Brett

I'm having fun reading books by Simon Brett.  :-)

"From Simon Brett, "one of today's most literate and witty mystery writers", (Booklist) comes this second mystery featuring the practical Carole Seddon and her bohemian neighbor Jude. While out exploring the South Downs of a wealthy town, Carole discovers the bones of a human skeleton. Jude fears it may be the remains of a young woman who once practiced her alternative therapy.

 It turns out the woman is alive-and living with a charismatic New Age healer. Now Jude and Carole have two mysteries to solve." 

Ahhh the joys of these Cozy Mysteries set in little English villages.  :-)

"Mrs, Presumed Dead" (#57)

"Mrs, Presumed Dead"
Simon Brett

"Smithy’s Loam, tastefully designed housing estate - perfect for upwardly-mobile business executives and their model families, and perfect for murder.

Into this epitome of middle-class respectability moves Mrs Pargeter, fresh from her stay at the Devereux Hotel (recounted in Simon Brett's 'A Nice Class of Corpse') and ready to settle down into her new home."

This "Mrs Pargeter" cozy mystery series looks as if it can be a fun read!   To see more reviews, etc., please click here....


Friday, September 6, 2013

"A Rather Lovely Inheritance" (#56)

A Rather Lovely Inheritance" by C.A. Belmond is very lovely book!  I enjoyed it "muchly."  One of those books, which you don't want to end...  A mostly gentle, classy read, complete with non-wealthy-at-the-beginning- heroine.

I certainly agree with a reviewer who wrote:  "And this is a rather lovely book, too. Penny Nichols is a historian and researcher for a Hollywood television production company currently on the French Riveria filming a story. She is summoned to London to handle an inheritance for her English-born mother. She encounters wealth, stealth, and a rather lovely man. A sweet book with wonderful characters, riches, and love. Moving back and forth between the French riveria and London is also not too shabby a life for a struggling historian. Very enjoyable."
The author is quoted as saying (in back of the book) that: "I have a real fondness for the clever yet wistful songs, movies and theatre of the 1920s and 1930s.  I love the rapid-fire, sassy bantering..." 
If you too, enjoy a set-in-the-present book, which has been called:  "A return to the golden age of romantic suspense!"  then I suggest that you find a copy, in your library system.
And look!!!!!!!  There are 3 more books, in this Series!  How delightful!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Dog On It" (#55)

"Dog On It"
Spencer Quinn

"...Chet and Bernie. This charming detective duo make their debut in Dog On It, the first volume in Spencer Quinn's new mystery series. The fast-paced and funny tale is narrated by the inimitable Chet, Bernie's best friend and canine partner, whose personality and preferences are never in doubt: "I liked to sleep at the foot of Bernie's bed, but my..."

I've never read a book, written from a dog's point of view before.  It was fun.  

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What The Cat Saw" (#54)

"What The Cat Saw"
Carolyn Hart

"Nela, sad young woman who lost (to death) fiance is now substituting as a temporary staffer on behalf of her sister who is off on a tropical jaunt. Local cat seems to transmit emotions or thoughts, to her doubtful mind.

An intruder attempts to rifle through her garage apartment upon her first night. Then as she starts work at the local foundation office, more incidents are..."

Mostly enjoyed it, by agree with a reviewer that "The repetition/listing of the possible suspects and opportunities..." was not a high-light.

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"The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse" (#53)

"The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse"
Leanne Sweeney
"Jill's quiet life is shattered when her house is broken into and her Abyssinian, Syrah, goes missing. Jill's convinced her kitty's been catnapped. But when her cat-crime-solving leads her to a murdered body, suddenly all paws are pointing to Jill.

Soon, Jill discovers that Syrah isn't the only purebred who's been stolen. Now she has to find these furry felines before they..."
Cute "Cats In Trouble" Mystery.  Read more about it by clicking here, please.