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Monday, September 23, 2013

"The Body On The Beach" (#59)

"The Body On The Beach"
Simon Brett

First book in the "Fethering Mystery" Series

"In the seaside hamlet of Fethering, Carole Seddon maintains a quiet life and doesn't have the tolerance to deal with her bohemian neighbor, Jude. Carole discovers a dead body on the beach with two wounds to the neck, but police dismiss her story when they can't find the body. When a stranger warns Carole to keep quiet, she confides in Jude."

A Cozy Mystery Series, set in a small English town...  Sounds delightful.  And the Series does get better, since I've already read the second book...  But in this the first, the heroine is quite up-tight and not so loveable....  

But, at least, she isn't into knitting, baking, selling old books, scrap-booking, making her own soaps, etc.  -gigggles-  Seems there are so, so, so many Cozys, which are way-too-themed.  

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